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USA Premium FBA Prep Center
Located in Montana a Tax Free State

Sales Tax Free FBA Prep Center.

Step 1 - Receiving

Inspect thoroughly all products and update you with photo if any damage

Step 2 - Prepping

Hand prep and properlly labeled according to Amazon guidelines

Step 3 – Shipping

Using your Amazon Seller Central Account we get your order shipped with accuracy.

Why Sales Tax Free FBA Prep Center?

Blow up Your FBA Business with Sales Tax Free Prep.

Just Started Selling?

We will help you navigate the complicated process of inventory management and following Amazon's standards

Experience Seller?

We have the setup to improve your order process and increase your sales margins.

The Benefits Of Doing Business with us

Increase sales margins when you ship from Montana?

The state of Montana does not have a sales tax on goods or services, which can save you a lot of money. Our Amazon 3pl is working hard to ensure that your inventory is prepped and shipped in a timely manner, so you can focus on your business. With our order accuracy guarantee, you can be sure that your customers will be happy with their purchases.

Tax-free goods and services.
All other States
Except Delaware, Alaska, New Hampshire and Oregon charges state tax

Service All States - USA


Centralized Location for all Your Orders


Limited FBA Clients Spots Available

Our Services

Professional Service

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Our Services

Better Support & Reliability

We provide high-quality service throughout the whole inventory management process from receiving to shipping, so that you can concentrate on growing your business.


Prep Center


Leadership Team

Experience FBA Sellers with over 12 years Dedicated to your success

Prioritizing Quick turnarounds 
24-48 hours

Amazon 3pl setup
Inventory prep and shipping in a timely manner

Storage Available
for pallets 


24-48 Hours Prep Solution.


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Pricing Breakdown

Sales Tax-Free FBA Prep Center is located in Montana a tax-free State on goods & services

Product Pricing

$1.49/ unit
Cost per Unit Starting price
  • Over 10,000 UnitsContact Us for pricing
  • Cost per Unit Includes1.) Receiving
    2.) Inspection

    3.)Label Removal

    4.) All Labeling (FNSKU, Suffocation Warning, Shipping, etc.)

    5.) Rubber bands $0.10

    6.) Storage for up to 7 days

  • Customer Returns$1.00 per item for processing, re-bagging, or disposal as per client request.


$0.50/ bundle
Starting price up to 3 items
  • Bundle $0.10 charge per additional item after 3
  • Cost per Unity IncludesBagging, labeling & processing
  • Additional CostBundling is an additional cost per unit cost


  • Bags Supply

    Poly  3"x6" to 12"x18"          $0.20

    Poly 14"x20" to 24"x32"       $1.00

    Bubble bags                        $0.50

    Bubble Wrap Large              $1.00

    Bubble Wrap Extra Large    $1.50

  • Boxes Supply• Small                             $2.50
    • Medium                         $3.50
    • Large                             $4.50
  • Shoes$3.00 per unit 
  • Customer Returns$1.00 per item for processing, re-bagging, or disposal as per client request.